Osman Semerci's Business Interests

As an entrepreneur and veteran business executive, Osman Semerci is actively involved in various firms, including EMEA Capital and Finance & Insurance.

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Emea Capital

Founded by Osman Semerci in 2008, EMEA Capital is a privately held investment company specialising in investments across financial markets and private equity that is headquartered in London with offices also located in Istanbul and Barcelona. EMEA Capital’s experienced partners and support staff invest their capital across a range of financial, private-equity, and real-estate markets. EMEA Capital is run by the Founder and Managing Partner Osman Semerci and other Managing Partners; Dimitrios Psyllidis, Can Uran, and Uzay Kozak, all of whom are veteran professionals with years of experience in global markets. These executives bring EMEA Capital years of knowledge and experience gained by working for industry giants, such as Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, and UBS.

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Finance & Insurance

In December 2018, Osman Semerci brought his experience and expertise in global finance to this leading independent brokerage when he was appointed as a consultant to Finance & Insurance’s board of directors. Headquartered in Istanbul, Finance & Insurance is an independent broker specialising in bespoke, client-focused solutions for credit insurance, political-risk insurance, surety bonds, and contractors’ insurance. The company’s services include policy management, financing of receivables, and risk management. The company works with the International Credit Brokers Alliance, a global network that provides trade-finance and credit-management solutions to more than 10,000 customers in 60 countries across the globe.

little farm

Little Farm

In 2018, Osman Semerci expanded his portfolio to include the health-food industry by investing in Little Farm, a London-based health-food shop and restaurant. Little Farm prepares meals made with fresh, high-quality ingredients directly sourced from local farmers. Every meal is clean, tasty, and packed with nutrients. The menu was designed with the aim of maintaining simplicity without compromising on taste. The brand was created to give customers the experience of eating farm products freshly prepared in a friendly environment with an exclusive and distinguished feel.